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Halton lodge children’s centre – The Animal Fair 

Today we ventured over to the sunny side of Runcorn. Over the old famous bridge to one of the local children’s centres. They were hosting an animal fun fair day. 

Our kids were excited when we told them where we were going as Halton lodge is probably the best children’s centre local to us. We have a brilliant one just down the road but halton lodge seem to always have bigger and better events running. We arrived about 5 minutes early and joined the end of the queue. It wasn’t too big at that point. It was £1 entrance per child and they promised allsorts, ranging from donkey rides, birds of prey, reptiles, small farm animals, face painting and crafts. What more could you want for the £1 fee? After signing in they also offered us some discount tickets towards a lunch bag for the kids which would then only cost 50p each. We thought this was brilliant as we had not gone prepared for lunch. 🍴

All the activities were laid out as promised and we couldn’t keep up with the Kids. They were so excited and couldn’t decide which things to do first. I led them to the face painting. With only two people in front we managed to get this done and dusted with little queing. 

Result! One happy dog and a duck! 😂😂😂.  Next were the craft stations. They had a try of each one and they were all set out lovely with an example of what to make. They made a woolly sheep, a birds nest, a snake decoration and they got to colour in some animal masks. 

They loaded up the pram with thier creations and set off outside for the farm animals. By this time Joseph has woken from his nap had a quick go at a paper plate sheep with his daddy and ran straight out to see the animals. We were not disappointed, there were two goats, two sheep, hens and baby hens, a bunny and a guinea pig. They were able to stroke and pet them all. 

We were so surprised and happy at how each of them were getting stuck in with the stroking and petting. They weren’t shy at all. Last time we seen some small animals at a local park the pigs grunted and the cows moo’d and they all ran off screaming so it was lovely for them to have lost them fears. 

The outside play area of the children’s centre is really good. The rain had stopped and the sun was shining so we took advantage and let them play and run around in the tunnels on the hill. 

There is more, we couldn’t believe how much there was to do. All between the hours of 11 and 3. We joined the queue for the reptiles. It was tricky to queue with the small ones but it wasn’t that long. About ten minutes max. I did overhear people moaning about the length of the queues saying they were leaving and not going to bother with the rest of the things to do. I found this sooooo annoying. Some people are never satisfied, couldn’t believe my ears. I said to paul a few times what more do some people want? Or maybe we are just easily pleased and grateful. 

Anyways…. check this out. Proud mummy moment. My girl held a 6 kilogram snake! And a lizard! She has really come out of herself lately and is willing to give things a go. She did refuse this a couple of years back (both her cousins held a snake at a local park event). 

Alex touching the snake a couple of years ago but her cousins Ella and connor were very brave and held it together. 


Alex and Paul also held a giant cockroach, and an Australian frog mouth owl/bird called Kermit. 

We had a quick pit stop for lunch and a drink and then went to see the birds of prey.  The man got out the eagle which was his biggest bird of prey. The eagle was a bit unsettled as Joseph had a balloon so we had to get rid of that and it soon calmed down. It was very strong, good job the man knew what he was doing it was huge and very powerful. It ended up nipping him slightly on the lip so he put him away for a rest. 

Our day ended with a donkey ride for a small donation towards thier sanctuary. Holly and Joseph were chuffed and both smiled all the way through. 

A brilliant day had by all. Would recommend this children’s centre to anyone. Alex is 10 now so was worried she may not enjoy it as much as the younger two but she was really impressed with it all.  Great value for money. We were welcomed by some familiar faces who work throughout all of the children’s centre in halton. Cannot wait for the next summer event which I believe is pirates and princesses. 


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