What we bought today

We live in Widnes in Cheshire. The market has been around for a very long time. It has been relocated for some years now and is really close to the town centre with a busy bus depot and large supermarket close by. The outdoor market hosts a flea market once a week on a Wednesday. Me and Paul have been quite regular visitors a while back, we used to be up at the crack of dawn each week but lately we are slipping. It’s down to the challenges of taking a 3 year old and an 18 month old and not being able to have a good old mooch. We decided to brave it this week with all 3 kids. It has been known for us to do it with all 5! 😖😖

We are a one parent working family so things can get tight. But we do only tend to go to buy little bits and bobs and for the kids to have a good root. They absolutely love it and I think you should teach them that not everything has to be brand spanking new in life. That old saying: 

‘Somebody’s rags is somebody’s riches’ 

Is that even right??? Well that’s what I say anyway. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of trash!!!!

Our purchases:

  • Dora mermaid doll 
  • Small girls bag 
  • Wooden lolly ices
  • Build a bear clothing 
  • Books 
  • Barbie swim bags x2 
  • Headband 
  • Mini calculator 

Top 4 on the list were for Holly, the books for Joseph, the rest for Alex! They all picked there own things which was really cute to watch. They could go on forever. Ohh and one more thing a pair of tap shoes for Holly to grow into for when she does tap! This was Alex’s idea! I like her thinking, in fact I love it. £2!!! Like new! 

She’s not far off joining an older girls class where she can start doing the exams ect. She only does a melody bear dance and movement class at the moment which she really enjoys. 


We could smell burgers all the way around…. nom nom. Im supposed to be doing slimming world but fancied a bin lid barm from a butchers stall on the inside market but the burger smell won. We got there only for them to be sold out so bin lid it was. Not had one in years. It used to be me and my mums tradition once a week on a Thursday (her day off work) turkey salad with mayo we both got every time. 😔 just to be OTT we bought a packet of egg custards for when we got home with a good old cuppa. Tut tut!!!! 😋

Love Emma ❤️ x 


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