Go outdoors

“Let’s go outdoors” he says. The sleeping bags are cheaper and we can have a look around. Paul doesn’t realise it’s never that easy to ‘have a look around’. I don’t think he realises that I hardly go out anywhere anymore never mind go outdoors with all 3 kids. Well we sure did have a look around!!!! A look around for our blinking kids!!!! 👀  Yes we lost them! All 3 of them, as alex had resorted to running even faster than Paul to chase Joseph. Yes I let him out he was practically walking anyway with his feet on the floor still strapped into the buggy! But we did seriously lose Holly for about a minute. Alex was looking in all the tents near the entrance paul was at the bottom end of the shop. I was supervising the screaming toddler who had been strapped back in the pram. 

We found her, she came dashing up the aisle, not worried at all laughing her head off demanding a juice for the thirst she just worked up sprinting up and down the aisles. Paul went in for the kill and managed to grab her. Excuse the state of the photo but this was a live action shot of the capture! Paul nearly went arse over tit trying to stop her!!!! 

We did manage to get our sleeping bags, but a swift exit was made!!! Let’s not go outdoors again for another year please. 

Emma. X 


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