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Ty-isaf, north wales (my top 10 best bits) 

1️⃣ Rope swing – There were two swings tied to trees. These were so much fun. I made a friend and we ended up crashing into each other on them, don’t worry we didn’t get hurt to much.

2️⃣ Stream – There was a little stream which we could dip our feet in.

3️⃣ Wheel – On our field there was a big old giant reel which we could sit on and push along. This was really fun.

4️⃣ Park – There were two parks one for little kids and one for us bigger kids.

5️⃣ Camp fire – We bought some logs and toasted marshmallows on our fire 🔥

6️⃣ Skimming stones – We skimmed stones on Bala lake. I took my stones home with me as a souvenir. 4 skims with the big one. And 6 with the smaller one.

7️⃣ Lake – Bala lake was beautiful. We paddled in our crocs so our feet didn’t hurt on the stones.

8️⃣ Hotdogs – We made hotdogs for lunch on a stove in the picnic area.

9️⃣ Ice cream – we had ice creams
in cones and tubs with lots of strawberry sauce and a flake.

🔟 Hover board – I made lots of new friends at camping. Ruby had a hover board. She let me have a go. It was my first time. I really want one of my own so that’s going on my birthday list 😜.

Love Alex ❤️

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