Ty-isaf camping weekend (part 1) 

We decided Thursday morning to go camping for the weekend. We always do things last minute we cannot plan or book breaks away well in advance, not sure why? Think it’s just the worry of what might get in the way? or what if something happens and we can’t go and it’s all paid for? Plus we are both useless with dates and just can’t keep up with our own lives. So we kind of just up and go whenever we can see a clear few days. 

Car selfie
Car selfie

Don’t worry we were still on the drive at this point. We had each gone back in the house to collect something we had forgotten after ticking off things from my lists. (List mad, cannot cope without a list). We left around midday after paul had a busy morning, won’t mention what just yet it could be great for him and us so fingers crossed. 🤞

Upon arrival my first impressions were OMG what have I done. I kind of knew it was a farm when booking and have always wanted to camp on a farm with my own family. Some of my best childhood memories were spent on a farm in the lakes with my best friend and all her family. Alex was a like uhhmmm mum are you sure this is a campsite? Is that the office? 


                     THE OFFICE 

We set up on our pitch right next to the office. It had a young children’s play area right outside. Perfect for our two little un’s. 


                         OUR SETUP       

This tent was given to us maybe a year or two ago by my auntie. Sadly it didn’t have the poles with it so we couldn’t use it. It went up in the loft. We were given another 6 man tent by a friend which we tried to patch up a bit. It was a lovely size and layout but unfortunately it wasn’t dry. We had it up in the garden for about a week as a bit of a test run. The kids loved playing in it during the day, that much so that Madame Holly took the porch poles inside and stabbed some lovely big holes in the roof. We spent all week trying to re weather proof it and do a few repair jobs only for her to completely ruin it in 3 seconds flat! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻😠😠😠. I could have cried. 

Anyways….. I had a lightbulb moment 💡get the tent out the loft my auntie gave us and try to salvage the poles from the tent my friend gave us. Bingo. It worked we now have a rather large 8 man family tent. It’s a big jump from our five man and we honestly don’t know how we’ve coped on our previous trips. We had a big double bedroom for all 5 of us to sleep in. A playroom and a storage room for bags ect and still had the living quarters in the middle. 

The tent at night and the different rooms inside obviously the kids made a mess in the playroom right away.

We’ve stayed at many a site with kids entertainment swimming pools big fancy parks. We were worried how the kids were going to react to not having all these things to do. We needn’t have worried. Alex spied a big giant reel thingy to play on she played for hours. She found a play area for the bigger kids. She found a rope swing a stream close to that. She had hours of fun and didn’t complain once. She was in her element. 

We had a small issue with apparently not paying the correct amount for our stay, something about the electricity so we nipped into town mainly to find a cash point to pay what we owed. We stopped for a picture by the lake. Alex set up her tripod and we got this lovely family pic and a few more of her posing. 

When we got back I queried the amount owing  and it was confirmed we didn’t owe and that everything was sorted. Slightly confusing but we are both normally a bit potty so wouldn’t put it past us making an error, we are the first to hold our hands up. 

Next on the agenda was a quick Bbq for tea.  Got the younger ones settled for bed but their excitement continued into bedtime. Must have been gone 9pm before they were snoring. Paul had started a campfire and alex invited her newly made friend for marshmallows. Paul and I managed a couple of shandies with our own marshmallows before retiring to the air bed which was almost flat! Haha! We balanced each other out in the end! 

The joys of camping ⛺️🌙🔥🍔🍡🍺

Will continue with another post as feel like am going on and on and that was just day 1. Look forward to the next post. Hope you all like our antics and I’ve not put anyone off the farm style camping. 

Link for campsite:
Check out my daughters little post on her top 10 fav bits from our trip to Bala. She’s looking forward to adding her little bits. Hope you like it coming from her point of view. 

 Top 10 favourite bits from camping at ty-isaf in north wales ⛺️ – Dayswiththedoyles

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