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Hoverboard-should I buy one? 

It’s that time of year when I’m planning my eldest daughters birthday. We have a plan. She’s decided on a camping party in the garden. Should be easy enough. 😂😂😂


She’s wrote out a few birthday lists. And they literally have about two or three things on them.

One being the dreaded hoverboard. I know they have been around for a few years now. But I am scared of what I’ve heard about them blowing up??? Is this true??? Only buy the one with a Samsung battery. It’s worrying. It’s a heck of a lot of money. And is it going to be one of those things (a novelty) and it just gets dumped in the shed. (When we get a shed that is).

I don’t usually buy her one thing that is really expensive I like to get her lots of little things. If she does end up getting one it will have to be just that and maybe one or two bits. It feels more like a Christmas gift to me. Would anyone else buy this as a birthday present or would they hold out until Christmas?

Here is a few I have found looking online.

This is is for sale at smyths toys superstores for £199.99. I am not even going to entertain the one for £399.99. That’s just way out of budget.


This next one is from eBay. £154.00. This is one she would prefer as it lets you choose which colour or design you like. She is purple mad so I know she would love this. In the description it says they are safe and have certification. But can you trust them?


The last one I have spotted is on the Facebook selling sites. This one is a bit more basic black or white but it’s only £110.00. They are brand new. But again it’s the question. Can you trust the descriptions?


She is growing up. She doesn’t want barbies and chocolate makers and Sylvanian families anymore 😔😔😔. She asked for money so she can go and choose her own things. I don’t like the idea of that either.

So if anybody out there has any advice?

Are they really worth it?

Love emma x


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