Ty-isaf campsite weekend (part 2)

My first post was so full I had to leave the second part of the break for another post so this is a follow up from our first blog ty-isaf camping part 1. Here is the link for a quick recap.

The next morning was spent mainly at the campsite chasing the little ones around the play area. Daddy came up with a great idea and tied them both together save us having to chase them in two different directions. 

Daddy with the kids on a lead
Daddy tied up the kids

Once ready we set off for the lake. The kids were desperate to paddle. The weather changed as soon as we arrived and after a quick change into warmer clothes obviously the sun came back out. 

Alex and Holly paddling
Paddling in the lake
Holly with her fishing net
Holly fishing at the lake
Holding hands in the lake
Alex looking after Holly
After the paddle or full on swim for Holly and Joseph and another quick change we stopped for our lunch. We set up a stove and enjoyed a hotdog lunch in the outdoors. 

Daddy cooking hotdogs
Daddy cooking hotdogs
Kids eating their hotdogs
Result clean plates all round
We arrived back at camp and went into full swing prepping for our tea. We are always constantly hungry, must be all the fresh air. We have spagetti bologneise every time we camp it’s a lovely hot filling meal for us all. We used to take a jar for ease but now I’m trying to follow slimming world so we make it from scratch. It’s a bit more messing but the kids like to get involved with the chopping. The only thing missing was the garlic bread. 

Food prep with alex and Holly
Alex and Holly getting involved with the food prep
We did an early campfire so Holly and Joseph could join in and have marshmallows and hot chocolate. 

Marshmallows on the campfire
Marshmallows on the campfire
That was our second day all done. It goes so fast it’s all go. We truly enjoyed our stay at ty-isaf. Would recommend it to anyone. Or maybe not the ones who are first time campers and like thier comforts as the toilets and shower blocks are not that modern. Don’t mean for that to be negative at all as they totally suited the site and they were adequate enough for us. 

The hardest part of camping is defintley the packing up to go home. We felt like we had not long got there and it was time to go. We were contemplating booking another night but turns out the weather wasn’t going to be great so we chose to leave. It can be hard with the kids and alex is really helpful trying to help with them and help us pack up. We payed out last visits to the animals before we left for home. Joseph loved seeing them, one of the cows pulled tounges at us and the goat made us all jump when it climbed up on the fence. We all screamed hysterically and ran.

Check it out. It’s a brill site and a very reasonable price, very close to all bala has to offer.

Love Emma x 


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