Family life

Birthday celebrations in August 

So Nanny and Grandad Doyle arranged some early birthday celebrations for Evans 10th birthday and Paul’s niece saoirse’s 1st birthday. These are the two birthdays they will miss when they go on holiday so she wanted to do a double bash. She must have been mad. It would mean there would be 6 adults and 9 kids!!!!! What was she thinking???

 This is all 7 of us on our way 

Paul’s brother and his family were already there when we arrived. They have 4 children between them saoirse being the youngest turning one. 

Luke Josh lynn Andy and saoirse. They also have Amelie who is 4. She was already off with Holly when this pic was taken. They are best friends 

Evan and saoirse got to work opening there birthday gifts. Saoirse did well unwrapping hers and Evan didn’t waste any time either. 

There was a lovely spread on. They always spoil us. Nanny had some lovely balloons made each of them personalised. And made two of her own famous birthday cakes. A few of us are following slimming world so we each made something for table. I couldn’t resist the cake though. I never can. 

The fun spilt out into the garden, the sun was shining which is a good job. The house was chocker block! They played in the sandpit, made a train out of all the garden chairs. They played twister and had lots of fun with the bubbles. 

Everybody sung happy birthday to Evan and saoirse and nanny gave them all a party bag to take home. 

Cuddles with grandad
Andy Lynn Josh Luke Amelie Saoirse
Us lot

The kids were full of beans and not wanting to leave when it was time to go. It was such a lovely afternoon. The kids all get along so well together. Thanks Anne and Tom for a lovely afternoon. You can go on holiday now!!!! Enjoy! 

Love Emma x 


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