Widnes Market 

So it’s Wednesday that means it’s flea market day. The kids are asking every week when its flea market day? They are loving it. Think it’s the thrill of what you might find? You don’t really go with things in mind to buy. This week was hard work. We went with alex and her stepsister from her dads side. We are looking after her for a couple of days while her mums at work. They just took themselves off to find their own things. It was Holly. Our demanding 3 year old. She just gets so excited the whole way around she’s touching everything, knocking things over, running into everyone. To be honest sometimes I think why did we come?? Joseph was napping so that made it a little easier but Holly took up most of our attention giving us less time to browse. 

Still…. we managed a few thrifts. All for kids again. Firstly I noticed some children’s campchairs. Having recently returned from one of our camping adventures with a few broken items. (An airbed, the camping table and chairs and two camp chairs). These were ideal. One pink and one green for the youngest two. £1 each! Bargain. They are so cute. 

Alex and Olivia chose themselves a book each. Tom gates. Alex has a few of these books and she managed to find the one missing book to finish off her collection. At £2 each they are not the cheapest we have found these books but when it’s the last one for your collection you just have to snap it up. 

They chose a random DVD between them to take with them on holiday next week. They are going to Cornwall for the week in their caravan. These girls have some amazing getaways. Alex has been on two camping breaks and Olivia has just come back from 10 days in Canada 🇨🇦. How amazing? And now they are off down south. I’m very jealous it’s somewhere I’ve never been. Hope she brings me back a pasty or a scone. 

Oh and speaking of Canada 🇨🇦. Olivia picked up a build a bear tshirt with the Canadian maple leaf on it. It’s adorable and love the way they have a beady eye to spot these things and know what they want. 

Next was a Holly splurge for £2! A cute little pram. She’s seen a frozen pram in b&m lately and has been desperate to get it. We’ve been back for it and never seen it since. They are £8 an all! So pretty impressed with this. I will be getting her a new pram for her birthday so this one will do her until then. Hate the fact that Holly has to wait all year for her birthday. (28th December) hence the name! (Nearly ended up having her Christmas Day). 

Last of all I found these Cute plates. All 3 for £1. They are melomine ones so will come with us on our camping adventures. Can’t have too many plates. The dishes get left so long until someone volunteers to go to the pot wash! Alex does it once as it’s a novelty doing the dishes in the outdoors and then it wears off! Lol! 

Hope you like our bargain buys. Excited for next week now. Olivia wanted to come back with us next week forgetting they are in Cornwall! I know where I’d rather be!!!! 

Love Emma x 


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