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5 years old 

Today my nephew is 5 years old. I look back to the day before he was born and my sister ringing me to tell me to get there quick. I was to be her birthing partner. It was 10 o’clock at night. I had to take my daughter to her nans and head to Manchester. When I arrived things were no longer happening. I ended up sleeping on the sofa and heading back home in the morning. That night, came the same call, at the same time again. We had a few stern words this time. You better be sure I said!!!! So off I goes all the way to Manchester in the black of the night. I hate driving at night. I arrived at her house and she was definitely on her way. She and her boyfriend drove together and I followed along to St Mary’s hospital. It was an all night job but she had a beautiful baby boy and called him Nathan. 

My nephew Nathan
At the hospital

We’ve celebrated all his birthdays so far at there house with a little tea party. 

1st birthday party
1st birthday
3nd birthday party
2nd birthday
3rd birthday party
3rd birthday
4th birthday party
4th birthday

And last of all his 5th birthday from today, which was his favourite minion theme. 

5th birthday party
5th birthday

We were also invited to another little boys birthday on the same day so we had plenty more fun at a local community hall with a bouncy castle disco and games. It was a great afternoon. 

Disco bouncy castle and games
Disco bouncy castle and games

Happy 5th birthday to my little rascal Nathan  🎉🎂🍰🎁🎈💙

Love Emma x 


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