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Sunday sevens 20/8/17

This is our first time joining in with the #Sundaysevens link. A little peak at our week using one photo from each day. I love this idea. Hope I get this right 😬😬😬

1. We spent the weekend at a lakeside campsite in Bala, Wales. It was a beautiful site and we could have stayed longer if only the weather was on our side. This snap was took at a rest break on the way home at the lovely Rhug Estate on the hoof takeaway. The baby was too sleepy for a bacon and egg barm and Paul had jam packed the car with the pram buried somewhere so he had a little nap on the counter top.  https://rhug.co.uk
2. We had a rest day after camping and didn’t do much. I spent a bit of time in Alex’s bedroom putting clothes away and digging out more clothes for her next adventure.  Isn’t her room cute? We ventured out in the afternoon to b&m homestores. We had a few ideas of what we needed but we hardly got any of them. Usual story. Ended up with all sorts of tat. That’s our own fault for going with 4 kids in tow. http://www.bmstores.co.uk

3. Our local flea market is every Wednesday. These are all our Bargains we managed to buy.  I have done a short blog about it too. We try to go when we can. We had 3 out of our 5 kids plus another one. We looked after Olivia who is my eldest daughters dads girlfriends daughter. So her stepsister to be from her dads side. Got there in the end. We are not your average normal family. But what is normal these days? http://widnesmarket.com/flea-open-market/

4. Thursday gave us a very busy day. We managed to celebrate three birthdays in one day. Firstly my nephews who turned 5 years old. He had a little tea party with a minion theme. He got a new trampoline. Second we went to my sisters friends sons Leo’s 7th birthday party. She arranged a bouncy castle and slide and invited us along. She’s probably heard about us having five kids between us and said bring them along too. The more the merrier. The kids loved every minute of it, disco, games, face painting and bouncy castle. Lastly it was Evans turn for a party. Evan is Paul’s son, Paul’s mum did him a little tea party last week so it was just the opening of the presents, his choice of tea and birthday cake afterwards. How much cake in one day? 

5. A rare shot of some of our non conventional family members. My eldest daughter Alex in between Evan and Olivia. My partners two children from his previous marriage. And Olivia who is her dads girlfriends daughter. She comes to us if her mum struggles with childcare arrangements. This is the first time they were all together for a full day. They had all heard a lot about each other but never spent time together. It wasn’t all plain sailing but can never expect it to be after all. 

6. Alex went off on her jolly holidays AGAIN. She’s gone to Cornwall with her dad and Kelly and Olivia for a whole week. Missing her already but having some nice quality time with the Holly and Joseph. We went swimming in the afternoon at our local leisure centre, weather was rotten again. 

7. What Sundays are for. Having a lie in. Not in our house. But we did have some lovely cuddles with the two youngest. Or should I say they were climbing all over the bed and bouncing on our heads. It took me about ten attempts to get this without their plugs (dummies) in. 

Emma x 

Natalie at Threads & bobbins https://threadsandbobbins.com/                 organizes Sunday Sevens. Anyone can join in on a Sunday with 7 (or more) pics of their week. Go check it out. 


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