Days out

Spike Island and the Swans 

Today has been a productive day. It’s always productive when you plan your meals for the week and get your online shop delivered. I am trying to follow Slimming world and it’s been a tricky summer so far with the kids being off school. I’ve just lost all my self control. But I’m not writing it off completely, it’s a lifetime journey. I’m taking each meal and each day at a time. I planned jacket potatoes for lunch, we usually just use the frozen Aldi ones but they are really small. I found a new fab way of cooking them thanks to Pinterest.


The instructions said to put them on low for 8 hours, we wanted ours for lunch so we put them on high for 5. To be honest they weren’t quite ready for lunch so after a quick rethink my other half cooked us some bacon egg beans and mushrooms. Twas delicious. He did extra bacon today as we were mega hungry waiting for these jackets. 

Bit of a brekkie
After lunch went to a local park Spike island. It is based on the grounds of The catalyst museum overlooking the river mersey. It’s got some great views of The mersey gateway in the distance which is due to open in the Autumn this year. 

The new mersey gateway

The museum is an interactive science centre. Their aim is to make science more exciting and make it accessible to people of all ages. To bring an awareness of the science based industries and their role in our lives in the past present and future. I went to this museum as a child with my primary school I even did a bit of work experience here in my teens throughout college. I wanted to work in the leisure and tourism industry back then. I loved setting up all the school workshops and showing people around. We paid a visit to the museum with our 3 oldest kids before we had Holly and Joseph back in 2013. We are certainly overdue a visit. It’s a really fun day out. 

The park and surroundings is enough on its own for a day out. Especially if you get the weather for it. Today was lovely and dry, just really hot and muggy. There is a larger wooden play area and a smaller science themed one for the little ones. Here is our three youngest enjoying an ice cream.  

Ice creams
On the park

We took a walk down to the canal where all the boats are moared up and went over the bridges on the locks. They are really high up. The kids were really brave but I’ve turned into a right wimp in my old age. 

Paul trying not to lose two kids at the edge
The locks
On the bridge over the locks

It is really busy down there with swans and geese. We went to feed them Hollys leftover crusts from her beef sandwhiches but they all starting charging towards us!!! Poor Holly screaming for her life. Takes me back to the first time we went with the older kids and the same thing happened with Alex but she was surrounded. She really was afraid we had to grab her and make a run for it. 

Attack of the swans
We made our way back and stopped for coleslaw on the way. The perfect accompaniant to Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese which were fully cooked and ready. Lovely to come home to and the kids polished it off so result! 

There are some links down below if you would like to know more about where we went on our little trip out today. 

Spike Island

The Catalyst Museum

The Mersey Gateway Project 
Love Emma x 


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