Geometric patterned wallpaper  

Greys silvers and white geometric patterns are so on trend right now. Im so excited to give you a snippet of our new wallpaper. I’ve been looking at wallpaper for our hall for a while now. The walls are all painted freshly white which is a massive improvement from the deep purple it was when we moved in. 😱😱😱. It’s taken three coats to cover with high opacity paint.

I went for a white with silver glittery branches in the living room which is a B&Q paper by Graham and Brown. It has an icy wintery look about it but I think it still looks great all year round.

Graham & brown feature wall
Our feature wall

The front room is nearly finished we just need some silver socket covers and to get a wall built to get rid of some ugly dividing doors. We are waiting until October when our current brown sofa is all paid for then we can start looking for a new one again 😬.

Dividing doors
Ugly dividing doors

The hallway walls are just so uneven and really tatty so it will be ideal to get a cheap wallcovering to hide these flaws and a nice radiator cover. Replastering is just way out of our budget.

Geometric patterned wallpaper
Some of my favourite designs

Geometric patterns and my favourite at the moment. I have had lots of inspiration from instagram and Pinterest and out of these four above I’ve chosen the bottom right hand corner. I am such an indescive person. It’s the cheapest option and it’s from eBay and only £7.99 a roll. Our wallpapering so far has been done by Paul’s parents so we are thinking of giving it a whirl one night when the kiddies are all tucked up tight. It’s about time we are adults now I suppose. My mum was a master wallpaper so if she can do it surely I can right? Make sure you check back in with us to see the end result.

Chosen wallpaper
My new hallway wallpaper

Link for our living room wallpaper
Link for our new hallway wallpaper

Love emma x

The Pramshed

7 thoughts on “Geometric patterned wallpaper  

  1. I so need some grey in my life. I’ve been saying it for while now and I absolutely love your living room I need to pinch some ideas from you. Green has past its sell by date now. If you do become a master at wallpapering I will give you a shout and you can. Come and help me lol.

    Jac X

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