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Midweek Market 

Wednesday market day in town. We paid our weekly visit with three out of our five kids. We had Holly and Joseph, Alex was still away in cornwall. Pppfffttttttt. Paul had Olivia for two nights. Evan didn’t come this week due to be at his performing arts summer camp. Olivia was talking about the market as soon as she came. She’s another one totally in her element browsing and rooting for treasures. (Tat really) but we do have some good finds. Things we like and things the kids love. I mean I’m not talking Antiques or anything! Maybe one day eh??? 

Things we bought
Our bargain buys
Olivia couldn’t focus on looking where we wanted to look. We have a little root around which we like to follow. She was to impatient and was excited about the Build a Bear stall. They laugh when we turn up each week. They are a lovely couple and always say I bet you really hate us now. The kids take their time choosing and we end up spending a small fortune but much cheaper than the shop. The build a bear teddies they have are originally from the shop and they have chosen the skin and dressed them and brushed their fur and gave them a name. All that magical stuff. 

Olivia chose a lilac pair of pyjamas for her bear with a matching sleep mask. These were all in the Reduced box.  She picked up a baby born sink, she is going to use this for their joint design a friend collection as well as the baby doll stuff too. Joseph was given a cute Iggle Piggle teddy for free for being so cute. I spotted a bike helmet. It looked in good condition and had a barbie mermaidia design on it. This is mainly for Olivia at the moment, she is learning to ride her bike without stabilisers but we can use it for Holly a bit further down the line. Daddy chose a little Thomas train for Joseph and between us we helped Holly choose some more books from our most favourite stall on the whole market. They have recently started doing kids books which makes me love it even more. 

The book stall
The book stall

Apparently the kids said we needed to buy a bench. 😂😂😂 Looking at this pic now. We probably should have bought it and made a project of it. I quite like it. 

Kids sitting on a bench
We need to buy a bench mummy

Lunchtime came and we stopped for a burger and a cuppa. The smell just wafts at you all the way around. In fact the burgers ended up being really small (gutted) and tiny Olivia ordered a jumbo hotdog. It looked amazing compared to our burgers. We were both a bit jealous so paul went back an ordered another one to split between us. Diet starts Monday. Or when the kids go back to school 👊🏻😖.

Joseph eating his lunch
Joseph at lunchtime

Next week will be the last week the kids can come with us. Roll on Wednesday. We love it. It fills up entire morning for us. Where is your nearest flea market? Let me know if you love the market as much as us or not? Would love to hear about your bargain buys x 

Love Emma x


4 thoughts on “Midweek Market 

  1. Looks like you had a good haul! I literally never find anything when I go to markets, no matter how hard I look for stuff! I reckon that bench’ll be there waiting for you next Wednesday..! xxx

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