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Grandads Birthday

Grandad Doyle’s birthday came around so fast. It feels like not so long ago he was celebrating his 65th birthday and retirement day. He had a countdown chalk board in the kitchen to remind him how many days he had left in work. He would inform us all on Facebook too! Lol!

Toms retirement countdown

So last weekend he turned 66. Holly was excited to ring him and wish him Happy Birthday. She quickly asked him “can I come to your party Grandad?” He just laughed and agreed oh yes Holly of course you can, but he didn’t have any birthday plans.

Later that night we received a call from nanny saying grandad wants a party tommorow now and we were all invited. Bless them. They were getting back late from a weekend away and nanny got stuck in to baking him a cake and preparing some party food.

We were greeted not only by nanny and grandad but the kids cousins Amelie and saoirse. Darwin was up too (Paul’s older brothers son). They live in Birmingham, he was staying over for a few days



Everyone was more than ready for party food we arrived a tad later than planned. The food was quickly demolished and everyone sang Happy Birthday.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden. All the kids played lovely together despite not seeing one another for a while. Darwin enjoyed getting harassed by all the girls.

Girls V’s Darwin

Daddy’s tickle chair game

Paul had them all hysterical playing the tickle chair game. Amelie loved it the most and came back for more and more. Darwin lasted the longest. 💪🏻

Happy Birthday Tommy! Nannys party next. 😂😂😂

Grandad Tommy

Nanny Anne

The four youngest kiddies Grandad with all the kids

Mine and Hollys selfie

Managed to get me in a selfie with Holly.

Thanks for stopping by. The birthdays just keep coming and coming.

Love Emmax


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