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Ty-isaf, north wales (my top 10 best bits) 

1️⃣ Rope swing - There were two swings tied to trees. These were so much fun. I made a friend and we ended up crashing into each other on them, don't worry we didn't get hurt to much. 2️⃣ Stream - There was a little stream which we could dip our feet in. 3️⃣ Wheel… Continue reading Ty-isaf, north wales (my top 10 best bits) 

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Party time 🎉

On Monday I went to velocity as part of jasmines 10th birthday party. We have already had a hot tub party which I will blog about soon. Me, Kate, kelsey and Katie went to the party. When we arrived we put our socks on and off we went to bounce. We headed straight to the… Continue reading Party time 🎉