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Grandads Birthday

Grandad Doyle's birthday came around so fast. It feels like not so long ago he was celebrating his 65th birthday and retirement day. He had a countdown chalk board in the kitchen to remind him how many days he had left in work. He would inform us all on Facebook too! Lol! Toms retirement countdown… Continue reading Grandads Birthday

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Midweek Market 

Wednesday market day in town. We paid our weekly visit with three out of our five kids. We had Holly and Joseph, Alex was still away in cornwall. Pppfffttttttt. Paul had Olivia for two nights. Evan didn't come this week due to be at his performing arts summer camp. Olivia was talking about the market… Continue reading Midweek Market 


Geometric patterned wallpaper  

Greys silvers and white geometric patterns are so on trend right now. Im so excited to give you a snippet of our new wallpaper. I've been looking at wallpaper for our hall for a while now. The walls are all painted freshly white which is a massive improvement from the deep purple it was when… Continue reading Geometric patterned wallpaper  

Days out

Spike Island and the Swans 

Today has been a productive day. It's always productive when you plan your meals for the week and get your online shop delivered. I am trying to follow Slimming world and it's been a tricky summer so far with the kids being off school. I've just lost all my self control. But I'm not writing it… Continue reading Spike Island and the Swans 

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Sunday sevens 20/8/17

This is our first time joining in with the #Sundaysevens link. A little peak at our week using one photo from each day. I love this idea. Hope I get this right 😬😬😬 1. We spent the weekend at a lakeside campsite in Bala, Wales. It was a beautiful site and we could have stayed… Continue reading Sunday sevens 20/8/17


Widnes Market 

So it's Wednesday that means it's flea market day. The kids are asking every week when its flea market day? They are loving it. Think it's the thrill of what you might find? You don't really go with things in mind to buy. This week was hard work. We went with alex and her stepsister… Continue reading Widnes Market 

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Birthday celebrations in August 

So Nanny and Grandad Doyle arranged some early birthday celebrations for Evans 10th birthday and Paul's niece saoirse's 1st birthday. These are the two birthdays they will miss when they go on holiday so she wanted to do a double bash. She must have been mad. It would mean there would be 6 adults and… Continue reading Birthday celebrations in August 


Ty-isaf campsite weekend (part 2)

My first post was so full I had to leave the second part of the break for another post so this is a follow up from our first blog ty-isaf camping part 1. Here is the link for a quick recap.  https://dayswiththedoylesblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/07/ty-isaf-camping-part-1/ The next morning was spent mainly at the campsite chasing the little ones… Continue reading Ty-isaf campsite weekend (part 2)

Family life

Hoverboard-should I buy one? 

It's that time of year when I'm planning my eldest daughters birthday. We have a plan. She's decided on a camping party in the garden. Should be easy enough. 😂😂😂 ⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️ She's wrote out a few birthday lists. And they literally have about two or three things on them. One being the dreaded hoverboard. I… Continue reading Hoverboard-should I buy one?