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Midweek Market 

Wednesday market day in town. We paid our weekly visit with three out of our five kids. We had Holly and Joseph, Alex was still away in cornwall. Pppfffttttttt. Paul had Olivia for two nights. Evan didn't come this week due to be at his performing arts summer camp. Olivia was talking about the market… Continue reading Midweek Market 

Days out

Spike Island and the Swans 

Today has been a productive day. It's always productive when you plan your meals for the week and get your online shop delivered. I am trying to follow Slimming world and it's been a tricky summer so far with the kids being off school. I've just lost all my self control. But I'm not writing it… Continue reading Spike Island and the Swans 

Days out

Halton lodge children’s centre – The Animal Fair 

Today we ventured over to the sunny side of Runcorn. Over the old famous bridge to one of the local children's centres. They were hosting an animal fun fair day.  Our kids were excited when we told them where we were going as Halton lodge is probably the best children's centre local to us. We… Continue reading Halton lodge children’s centre – The Animal Fair